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Diagnose. Communicate. Repair. 

Caterpillar Electronic Technician (Cat ET) is a software-based service tool which provides service technicians the ability to communicate and work with the electronic controls on Caterpillar products.

Cat Electronic Technician allows you to:

  • Display status parameters
  • View active diagnostic codes
  • View and clear logged diagnostic codes
  • Manipulate ECM configuration
  • Record machine information over a period of time
  • Run diagnostic tests and calibrations
  • Retrieve machine totals

If you would like to purchase Cat ET*, please call us at 844-262-6835 or email us at technology@cartermachinery.com.

*Cat ET license requires annual renewal. A Caterpillar or third party communications adapter is required to connect a computer to the equipment or engine. We cannot sell or license Cat ET outside Virginia or Southern West Virginia.

iagnose. Communicate. Repair.