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We understand when the power is out it’s always a critical situation. The experts at Carter Machinery can help you plan and prepare for all manner of power outage situations.
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Cat Generator Sets help sustain facilities that safeguard public health, safety and welfare, even though extended utility outages. Additionally, backup power from a Cat generator can bring life back to schools, stores, offices, factories and homes while rebuilding moves forward and the utility restores the grid. Carter sales engineers can evaluate your facility’s electrical load and help you determine the correct generator to keep you operating during an outage event.

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The speed of recovery from a power outage depends on how well local authorities and private businesses have planned ahead. At Carter, we offer a range of rental options to make sure your business is prepared. By working with our rental power team, you can develop a contingency plan, ensuring the next time the lights go out, you won’t be left in the dark.

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Electrical Testing

Owning a backup generator is only the first step in making sure you have power during an outage. Regular testing of your electrical systems and its components ensures that when you need it, your backup power solution will be ready to work for you. The experts at Carter are certified and able to perform all the necessary inspections and testing you need. Trust us to keep your ATS, generator, and full range of electrical systems working safely and reliably. 

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Fuel Polishing

Poor fuel quality is one of the leading causes of engine failure in generators. Today’s fuel injection systems and electronic unit injectors operate at very high pressures and tight tolerances. Water and other contaminants in your tank can destroy these critical components. Fuel polishing may be the solution. Trust the experts at Carter to remove the containments from your storage tanks and return your fuel to a usable, pristine condition.

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Customer Service Agreements

Planning ahead now will save you innumerable headaches later. With a comprehensive plan from Carter for servicing and maintaining your generator, you know when the power goes out, you’ll be prepared. We have a variety of plans to suit your needs and we can build a custom solution for you. 

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