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Model      Capacity      Power      Weight
Finn T60T Hydroseeder      500 gallons      25 hp      2,800 lbs.

When the job requires you to spread seed, fertilizer and mulch, and you need to do it efficiently and cost effectively, the solution is an easy one – rent a hydroseeder. Many hydroseeders can be operated by one person, have discharge distances of 90 feet or more, and can cover more than 7,000 square feet in just one load.

Whether you’re tackling a small, residential project or a big job like trying to control erosion along a roadside, renting a hydroseeder can make the job easier and more profitable.

These machines come with a variety of hose lengths and tower heights, have fast loading and mixing times, and depending on whether you’re applying from a hose or a tower, variable application rates and gallons per minute.

Carter Machinery can handle all your landscape equipment rental needs, including hydroseeders, compact track loaders, skid steers and small compacts.

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