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What To Consider Before You Buy Used Equipment

When you’re looking to add to or extend the life of your fleet of machinery, there are many considerations to make when buying used equipment.

Your budget, business needs and future plans are all determining factors to consider. That’s why Carter Machinery has a variety of options for companies to choose from when looking for used equipment. 

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What is the Value of your Used Construction Equipment Trade-in?

Trade-in evaluation is always a difficult proposition for both the dealer and the end user. Owners and end users have a certain attachment to their equipment and invariably expect more than a dealer can allow in actual cash value.  While on the dealer side, they can only offer what the open market will pay which essentially translates to the true value of the machine. So how does a dealer estimate the true value and what can you expect as you go through a trade-in process? Read on below for a full analysis on how Carter Machinery’s used equipment managers evaluate a trade-in.

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