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Benefits of Scheduling Machine Service During COVID-19

The virus and social distancing measures have affected contractors, pavers, government workers, foresters, quarries, and more – and your business may be one of them. But after the lag in business comes a boom, and being adequately prepared will help you maximize returns for faster business recovery. 

This time of lower business, combined with today’s PPP loans, special deals, and special financing, makes this an ideal time to give your machinery the care they require. When social distancing is lessened and business is restored, these machines will be required more than ever. Having them in proper working order will go a long way to your profitability while paving the way for even more business after the boom.

Servicing Your Machines

This is an ideal time to ensure your machines are in proper working order. Conduct tune-ups and preventative maintenance, replace fluids, completing expected repairs, and restore engaging ground tools to ensure your fleet is up-to-date and ready for the coming growth spike. Having these important machines break down as the economy booms can result in a significant loss of profits and shift more work to your competition.

There are a couple of preventive maintenance signs to pay close attention to, and one of them is indicator servicing. Waiting for machine failure can result in extensive damage to parts and further damage other related parts, leading to more expensive and time-consuming repairs at a time when every job counts.

Another is level repairs indicated by the manufacturer (Level 1, 2 3…). The higher the number, the higher the cost for repair. Having those issues checked and maintained early on goes a long way to your profitability as a business.

Carter Machinery has over 1,000 equipment technicians, a state-of-the-art recon facility, and over 99% of parts available next day. Schedule your preventive maintenance today.

Special Rates and Financing

Take advantage of special offers from Carter Machinery including reduced payments, low interest rates, and the ability to finance parts and service.

  • To aid toward rebuilding and remanufacturing, we offer special financing
  • Our Cat Card Program offers both commercial and private financing options ranging from 12 to 36 months. This even includes financing for rentals, which could prove to be importance assets when navigating the boom of new work after COVID-19.
  • If you are in the market for new tracks, take advantage of a discount on general duty and premium rubber tracks.

Enroll in a Customer Value Agreement

To help keep your machines functioning as intended, we offer regularly scheduled support, ensuring important servicing isn’t missed. This will prove to be even more important as work in the building industry increases.

We Are Ready for You

Carter Machinery has access to over 900 technicians across Virginia, Washington DC, Delaware, Maryland, and parts of West Virginia who are ready to help with any machine service needs.  We even offer scheduled after hours and weekend service to make upkeeping your machines easier on your schedule. We service all the major brands and have special offers for Cat Equipment to make servicing and maintenance easier.  

Having all your equipment in proper working will help you take advantage of the boom in new work that comes from reduced social distancing. This is an opportunity to not only restore your company profitability but also to grow your business through increased business exposure. Here at Carter Machinery, we are here to help make sure your investments work for the long haul, so your business recovers faster.