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Benefits of Renting HVAC Equipment

For most buildings and industrial processes, effectively controlling temperature is a vital aspect of your operations. Purchasing air conditioners or air circulation pumping equipment may be the best solution in some cases, but there are several situations where it makes more sense to rent air conditioners and other heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. When you only need additional HVAC equipment temporarily, or you need an HVAC machine while you perform routine maintenance on your own system, renting is a great option.

Advantages of Renting HVAC Equipment

It’s Cost Effective

In certain situations, you may not need to purchase an additional HVAC system or invest heavily in equipment that you only need temporarily. It may be more cost effective and a better option to rent air conditioning units instead. Some customers also prefer to rent HVAC systems because of their financing terms, flexibility, and fixed monthly cost.

Affordable Backup for Routine Maintenance or Surprise Breakdowns

When your HVAC equipment suddenly stops operating as needed, your working conditions and production line may face critical challenges. Such challenges can be expensive, threaten your deadlines and fulfillment commitments, and even impact your relationships with business partners and customers. In this scenario, air conditioning rentals provide an immediate solution to an otherwise disastrous situation.

Reliable Customer Support

Renting HVAC equipment can give you added peace of mind, especially if something goes wrong. An engineer typically comes to your site, assesses your unique heating and cooling needs, and creates a custom solution that fits your budget. Your rental terms will include a customer support agreement so that you can reach an HVAC technician 24/7 in the unlikely event of a problem with your equipment.

Supplement Seasonal Surges

If your business experiences seasonal surges in your heating and air conditioning costs, renting HVAC equipment rather than purchasing it may be the best option to regulate temperatures. This way, you won’t purchase HVAC solutions that may go unused for most of the year.

From cooling an event during the summer months to regulating temperatures on the factory floor, Carter Rental has an expansive fleet of air conditioners ready for rent. Available models range from quiet and portable units to self-contained 80-ton models commonly used in industrial and manufacturing applications.

Carter Rental makes it easy to rent whatever HVAC equipment you need for your next event or project. Contact us today to discover the options that are right for you.