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June is National Trench Safety Month

Trench-shoring equipment, safety policies are essential to protecting jobsite workers

Excavation for utilities and foundations, or any type of digging that involves trenching, must include trench-shoring and shielding equipment that protects workers from cave-ins and helps companies remain compliant with workplace safety regulations. To increase industry awareness about this important workplace topic, June is designated nationwide as Trench Safety Month.

What is Trench Safety Month?

The National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA) designated June, 2021, as Trench Safety Month to highlight the Association’s educational and safety program – “Trench Safety Stand Down” (TSSD) Week June 14-18. Held every June since 2016, TSSD Week features a series of organized events that emphasize safety messages related to jobsite trenches and excavations. The safety lessons and demonstrations occur at hundreds of jobsites nationwide and reach tens of thousands of workers, according to NUCA representatives. OSHA statistics show that 17 industry employees were killed in trench-related accidents in 2018, making trench safety and shoring equipment topics of ongoing importance. 

Why are trench shoring and shielding important safety concerns?

“Any time there is underground utility work or an application that involves digging, trench shoring is a critically important safety step to prevent jobsite collapses and cave-ins,” explains Paul Casanave, Trench Shoring Specialist at Carter Machinery. “Surrounded by walls of earth, working in a trench is one of the most dangerous tasks on a jobsite. Because of this, OSHA guidelines require trenches five feet or deeper to have a protective system installed that prevents collapses and injuries.”

Trenches for the installation or repair of sewage or water lines, natural gas pipelines, telecommunication cables, or underground structures are just some of the numerous examples of jobsite excavations that require trench shoring solutions to keep walls intact and away from workers.

What types of trench-shoring and trench-shielding equipment are available today?

Carter Rental is an industry leader in the rental and sale of trench protective equipment that helps makes jobsites safer by preventing trench collapses.

“Carter Rental carries the Mid-Atlantic region’s largest inventory of rental trench safety equipment from the industry’s leading brands to ensure safety and productivity in all soil conditions,” Casanave explains. “Because the dimensions in excavations differ so often from job to job, renting trench shields, shores, or road plates before buying is a risk-free experience that lets users try out equipment, frees up capital, reduces storage and maintenance costs, and increases productivity and efficiency.”

Some of Carter Rental’s most popular trench-shoring and shielding equipment available for rent or purchase include:

  • Aluminum and steel trench boxes
  • Hydraulic vertical shoring
  • Shoring equipment
  • Slide rails
  • Steel manhole boxes
  • Stone and bedding boxes

Why rent from Carter Rental?

Carter Rental is your source for shoring and shielding rental products from Caterpillar and more than 70 reputable allied manufacturers – including Griswold Manufacturing & Engineering, Efficiency, and Pro-Tec – ensuring they meet the highest standards for quality and safety. Every piece of equipment undergoes a thorough inspection to make sure it will withstand the rigors of any unique construction environment. Our expert team will also help you explore all options so you can make an informed equipment choice that best meets your trench-shielding and shoring project requirements, with daily, weekly, monthly or long-term rental agreements. We’ll also handle all maintenance and repairs, deliver the equipment to the jobsite, and do whatever it takes to make you a satisfied customer.

How to rent trench shoring equipment.  To get started with a trench-shoring equipment rental in Virginia, Delaware, Maryland or West Virginia, request a quote today or find a Carter Rental — The Cat Rental Store representative in your area.