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Model   Standby   Prime Voltage
Wacker G25   20kW (25 kVA)   19kW (24.4 kVA) 208 – 480
Cat XQ30   30kW (37.5 kVA)   27kW (33.8 kVA) 208 – 480
Mag. MMG45   35kW (44 kVA)   33kW (41 kVA) 208 – 480
For generator rentals larger than 60kW, shop our large generator rentals.

If you want dependable power, where and when you need it, then our expansive fleet of generator available for rent is your one-stop shop.  Our fleet of rental generators come in a range of sizes, all with a common focus – power and energy where you need it, when you need it most.

Providing reliable, uninterrupted power in countless applications and regulatory environments is what these generators power units do best. Whether you need 20kW or 2,000kW of reliable power, our rental diesel generators are up to the task. Plus our rental generator sets can always be tailored to meet your specific power needs because they come in so many different options and configurations.

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