RENT Motor Graders

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Motor Graders Available for Rent:

Model   Weight  Blade
Cat 120M   31,891 lbs.  12′
Cat 140M   35,708 lbs.  12′
Lee-Boy 685   15,220 lbs.  10′

Motor graders offer increased efficiency, visibility, and productivity. These improvements include an operator station with more visibility and comfort and joystick controls for steering and implement control that makes it more operator-friendly.

A variety of attachments are available for rent that fit these motor graders, increasing their versatility and utilization. Many of these graders feature a short turning radius, excellent maneuverability, and a reputation for durability. Some motor graders we have available include electronically controlled power shift transmission and an electro-hydraulic load-sensing system.

Contact Carter Rental to rent one of our motor graders. Our equipment inventory is deep and growing.

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CAT motor grader being used to level the surface at jobsite