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Make the Most of Your Cat® Investment with a Customer Value Agreement (CVA).

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Cat® has an enduring reputation for quality, reliable machines, and it also brings benefits that extend beyond the time of purchase. Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) ensure your machine’s life is extended to the furthest. It provides advanced care and oversite to maximize the profitability of your machines with little to no stress for you, keeping you focused on your job at hand.

CVA’s are available for many new Cat machines, select Certified Used machines, and your already owned Cat machines, making it easy to take advantage of their benefits.

Rent Mobile Track Solutions (MTS) Scrapers

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MTS excels at providing advanced, high-quality scraping equipment for jobs that require flat surfaces like construction sites and freeways. They come in afull range of tractor and truck-towed models with heaping rates ranging from 23 to 42 yards.Selections include push load and top load models, ejection systems that “throw” material out, and the first gooseneck scraper in the industry, the MT-33LP.

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) for Improved Marine Engine Efficiency

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Adhering to today’s strict maritime emission standards doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) helps meet today’s requirements and keep you fully EPA compliant while compensating for its cost through increased fuel efficiency of your Caterpillar machines. It is also simple to use and easy to install. We are proud to offer SCR as an intelligent, cost-saving solution for our customers.    

What Is Selective Catalytic Reduction?

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is the act of reducing the NOx component in gas. In this process, diesel exhaust fluid is injected into exhaust systems releasing NOx. This fluid then evaporates into ammonia NH3, at which point the exhaust gas and ammonia come in contact with the SCR system and turn the NOx and NH3 into nitrogen and water vapor.

Benefits of Scheduling Machine Service During COVID-19

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The virus and social distancing measures have affected contractors, pavers, government workers, foresters, quarries, and more – and your business may be one of them. But after the lag in business comes a boom, and being adequately prepared will help you maximize returns for faster business recovery. 

This time of lower business, combined with today’s PPP loans, special deals, and special financing, makes this an ideal time to give your machinery the care they require. When social distancing is lessened and business is restored, these machines will be required more than ever. Having them in proper working order will go a long way to your profitability while paving the way for even more business after the boom.

Renting vs. Buying Heavy Equipment in 2020

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2020 has brought unique challenges to the construction industry. Protecting against COVID-19 requires creative solutions to maintain profitability during a slower economy. And as social distancing restrictions are loosened, a surge in demand will require new solutions to navigate the boom effectively. But with these challenges come benefits.

Renting and buying heavy equipment reveal new solutions for today’s marketplace. Whichever option you choose, you can put your business back on track to ensure it runs smoothly as business picks up, and at the same time, put your business on a more solid footing in the marketplace.

What Type of Aerial Lift Should I Rent?

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Whether you are a contractor, utility, warehouse, or landscaping company, Carter Machinery offers a full range of rentable aerial lifts to suit your needs. Choose from Push-Around Man Lifts to fully automated lifts that are highly maneuverable and extend to heights up to 85 feet.

Here at Carter Machinery, we offer the full range of lifts for any job, and our products are always in stock. That’s our promise.

Choosing the Right Generator for Your Business

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If you’re a business owner, the last thing you need is to experience costly downtime due to an unexpected power loss. Fortunately, reliable commercial generators are available to provide a power solution, but knowing how to choose generators that are right for your organization isn’t necessarily an easy task.

Assessing Your Power Generation Needs

A key first step for knowing how to choose a generator for your operation is examining the specific needs of your business. For instance, a data center that manages and stores vital information typically has more stringent power requirements than a seasonal business that may only need a power supply at certain times during the year. You should also have a good handle on how much power your business consumes during the year, as well as the average power load.

Berlin Power Plant Invests in Cat Gas Generator

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The Berlin Power Plant, located in Maryland replaced “engine two” at their power plant located on William Street with a custom built Cat Natural Gas Generator.

The plant is planning to install a natural gas line to the buildings as part of a company-wide initiative to convert all engines to natural gas. The conversion to natural gas will save the company $0.50 per gallon and these savings will ultimately be passed to the town ratepayers.

Be Wary Of Winter’s Hold On Your Machinery

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Get a jump on winterizing your equipment so you don’t get left out in the cold. Take the proper precautions and your equipment will persist through the most frigid conditions.

Download More Winter Maintenance Tips

Get To Work on a New Construction Career

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With October’s designation as Careers in Construction Month, now is the perfect time to consider how a construction career can take you to new heights. Carter Machinery knows the importance of spreading the word about the demand for construction jobs.

According to Build Your Future – an advocacy group for the construction industry – there is a demand for more than 250,000 craft labor positions in the state of Virginia alone.

Benefits of ‘Wet’ Pin and Bushing Turns

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Carter Machinery has a preventative maintenance program to fight that degradation process of pin and bushings, extending your machine’s life and saving you money both now and in the future.

The Problem

The steel components of a track-type machine’s undercarriage are constantly wearing down, slowly threatening your projects and bottom line.

Carter Con Makes Believers Out of Cat Operators

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Equipment operators got up close and personal with Caterpillar’s biggest and baddest machines at the 2019 Carter Con Expo and Operator Challenge in September.

This inaugural event – hosted September 12 at Meadow Event Park in Doswell, Virginia – showcased Cat’s latest equipment and technologies, as well as Carter Machinery’s services.

Equipping Your Fleet Through Financing or Leasing

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Having a capable, reliable fleet is at the foundation of any successful business utilizing heavy equipment.

Contractors – both new and well-established ones – need machinery they can depend on to effectively handle the jobs they’re hired to perform. Knowing how to pay for this crucial investment in the business is of the utmost importance.

Five Things to Consider When Selecting A Skid Steer

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Versatility is king on many job sites, with contractors needing machines that perform a variety of tasks on a project.

Enter the skid steer loader – one of the most versatile and maneuverable machines on any site. To maximize the return on your investment, you’ll want to make some important considerations into your business before you make a purchase:

Maximize Production By Maintaining Work Tools

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To maximize any machine’s performance, it’s of the utmost importance to take proper care of its work tools.

The selection of your machine’s ground-engaging tools (G.E.T.) is one of the most important decisions you make on your machine, regardless of the job. Having the right G.E.T. affects your equipment’s longevity, productivity, fuel consumption, and maintenance costs.

Providing Power To Get Through Hurricane Dorian Recovery

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Now that Hurricane Dorian has come and gone in Virginia, many of us are cleaning up in its wake.

Nearly 50,000 people were without power in southeastern Virginia shortly after the storm, which hit the state with winds up to 83 miles per hour and more than 3.6” of rain near the coast.

A Faster, Cleaner ‘Way of Life’

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Looking for quieter, faster and cleaner outings on your boat?

Carter Machinery can do that. We recently repowered an engine on a 1999 Carman Deadrise 40-foot clam boat named Way of Life. The owner was looking for a quieter, stronger performance than it was getting with its 420bhp marine engine.

Re-Powering The ‘Pammy’

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Carter Machinery knows the grueling nature of the marine environment can make your boat’s engine a shadow of its former self. We take pride in putting new life into your old vessel.

We recently re-powered a 1988 Ocean Yacht Super Sport 48-foot vessel named Pammy located in Fisherman’s Wharf Marina in Virginia Beach.

The Best Equipment For Demolition or Deconstruction

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When it comes to demolishing or deconstructing materials, there are a number of specific pieces of equipment that help get the job done efficiently and effectively.

These machines will typically use the following hydraulic tool attachments: rippers, brushcutters, augers, buckets, trenchers and saws. Selecting the appropriate equipment comes down to three simple steps:

Next Generation Cat® Equipment Sets New Standard In Productivity

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The next generation of Cat® equipment is here, ready to boost job site productivity levels everywhere.

Innovative technology is redefining what you, the customer, should expect from dozers, motor graders, excavators, mini excavators, and more. You should expect technology that provides better fuel efficiency on machines with significantly fewer rotating parts, which results in less wear and longer engine life.

Battery Protection Begins In The Summer

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The cold of winter gets a bad rap, but did you know that the summer heat can wreak the most havoc on your fleet’s batteries?

It’s true. Much of the damage to batteries is done during June, July and August – although you may not notice it until the battery has to work harder in the cold temperatures during December, January and February.

Be Aware of Repairs Your Equipment Needs

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Research shows that almost 90 percent of machine failures could be avoided.

How? By properly maintaining the equipment.

Trained Equipment Operators Are Good For Business

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Having properly trained equipment operators not only benefits your employees – it benefits your entire company in many respects.

Operators with adequate training on the machinery they operate are not only safer – accounting for more efficient shifts and less time and money lost – they help your bottom line through increased productivity and machine lifecycles. Making safety and training a priority helps your company attract and retain high-quality employees.

Growing Your Equipment Fleet

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Companies looking to expand their equipment fleet must take a number of factors into account when strategizing the best method for growth.

The manner with which you approach fleet growth is directly tied to how you choose to manage your capital. This approach will vary based on your business and industry.

How Buying Local Equipment Helps Your Business

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When it’s time for a construction business owner to update or add to their equipment fleet, they may get the best results by looking in their back yard.

OK, not literally the rear portion of their own property, but choosing to do business with a local equipment dealer can pay off in ways that simply make sense.

Upgrade Your Existing Generator to the Latest Caterpillar Technology With Our Engineered Control Pan

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Technology changes at a rapid pace; your generator controls are no exception.

When it’s time to update your generators’ control system, Carter Machinery’s retrofit program can bring the existing equipment in your emergency power system up to the latest industry standards at a significant cost savings over a new system. 

New Legislation Affects Emergency Power Plans For Assisted Living Facilities

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Two Virginia legislative bills take a step toward providing safety for the residents in the state’s assisted living facilities in case of an emergency power outage. Carter Machinery’s team of knowledgeable professionals can help you understand how these pieces of legislation affect your facility, ensuring you stay in compliance.

Senate Bill 1077 requires facilities with an on-site generator to include a description of the emergency generator’s capacity to provide power for certain functions – such as lighting, ventilation, supplied oxygen, temperature control and refrigeration – in emergency preparedness plans. The bill further requires facilities without on-site generation to contract with a power supplier capable of providing emergency power, as well as contract with a backup vendor in case the primary vendor fails to supply power. Finally, the facility must test its emergency power source connection at installation and every two years thereafter, recording the results of the tests.

Understanding Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

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The continued growth in the use of diesel exhaust fluid (“DEF”) in Tier 4 Final machines means that contractors must familiarize themselves with the special care required for the emissions-compliant engines.

Since 2014, most off-road diesel engines sold in the United States have been built to meet strict emissions standards known as Tier 4 Final. With these regulations, the EPA set its sights on reducing two exhaust pollutants: particulate matter and nitrates of oxygen. Particulate matter is soot that previously came out of the exhaust untouched, while the nitrates of oxygen are a main ingredient in smog.

Powering Through Florence Recovery Effort

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Now that Hurricane Florence has left her mark in Virginia, it’s time for many of us to get back to work. With thousands of people still without power after the significant rainfall from the massive storm, Carter Machinery is here to supply you with a wide selection of reliable diesel generators for your power needs –whether you need to run your kitchen or your jobsite. 

Carter offers a variety of new and rental generators available in a range of sizes, all with the goal of providing you with electric power generation where and when you most need it. Our rental generator sets can be tailored to meet your specific power needs with a multitude of options and configurations available. As the region cleans up the remnants of Florence, Carter sales representatives recommend the following Caterpillar diesel generator options: 100kW, 200kW, 350kW, 400kW, 500kW, 800kW, 1000 kW, and 2000kW. 

Difference Between Fuel Kits and Fuel Analysis Labs

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Business owners have many analysis options to determine the quality of the diesel fuel running through their machines, including lab kits you administer on your own, and sending fuel samples in for complete lab analysis. Understanding the different options for analyzing the quality of your fuel could save you headaches in the future.

Self-Test Fuel Kits

Do-it-yourself fuel testing kits are designed to identify water, microbial growth and other contaminants in different types of fuel.

Are You Compliant With Emergency Power Supply Regulations?

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Not all construction jobs are created equal, from a legal standpoint. Work for nursing facilities and manufacturing industries requires special planning when it comes to emergency power supply systems (EPSS).

Natural emergencies such as hurricanes, thunderstorms, mudslides, tornadoes, and flooding can cost a manufacturing plant millions of dollars. In addition, without adequate backup electricity during a power outage, they can compromise the health and lives of patients in nursing facilities. While power outages can occur for many different reasons, locations along the coast should take additional consideration to the possibility of hurricanes and resulting problems.

Be Safe, Not Sorry On Equipment Coverage

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In the construction industry, your equipment is your business. You won’t get your work done without it.

That’s why it makes good financial sense to protect your company’s investment in machinery with warranties, protection plans and extended service programs. Insuring your most valuable business assets provides peace of mind in knowing your work won’t come to a screeching halt on the job site.

Consider Consignment For Construction Equipment

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Companies looking to sell construction equipment may want to get their machinery in front of more eyes by using a consignment service.

When you choose consignment, you can sell your products utilizing Carter’s online resources, increasing your potential profit in a quicker manner by putting it in front of more potential buyers’ eyes.

Should You Buy or Rent Construction Equipment?

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Regardless of your industry, you’re going to have jobs come up where you need a piece of equipment you don’t have in your fleet.

At that point, you will need to decide whether you want to rent or buy construction equipment to help you complete the project. Carter Machinery has the largest, best-maintained equipment inventory of new and rental equipment in Virginia.

How to Avoid Scams When Buying Equipment Online

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If you’re looking to buy construction equipment through online classifieds or auctioning websites, there are many precautions to take to protect yourself from being scammed.

Even equipment listings in reputable trade publications may feature “sales” from fraudulent dealers. The publications may not be able to vouch for the legitimacy of the seller and/or the equipment being offered, so it’s best to approach these transactions with caution.

Maximize Your Machinery’s Life

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Make Equipment Maintenance Routine

Being proactive in routine maintenance helps you identify future problems before they become current problems, costing you invaluable amounts of time and money. For the most success in lengthening your equipment’s lifespan, you must:

  • Be committed: Preventative maintenance is more involved than lubricating and changing filters. These services can include inspection programs, condition monitoring, historical repair data and electronic information collection, among many others.
  • Know your machines: Take the time to go through the equipment manuals, which serves as your go-to guide on service intervals for different components and what operating conditions you can expect.
  • Document service history: Writing down what work was done and when is key to tracking future maintenance work. Include the date, the type of service performed, parts replaced and the next expected servicing date.

Keep Your Fluids Flowing

Analyzing your machinery’s fluids is the quickest, most accurate way to see what’s going on in your engines and machines. Sending oil, fuel and coolant into a lab for analysis can help detect problems before they turn into serious equipment failure. Being more aware of your machines’ internal processes helps you better manage your budget by predicting repairs, downtime and the life of your equipment.

What To Consider Before You Buy Used Equipment

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When you’re looking to add to or extend the life of your fleet of machinery, there are many considerations to make when buying used equipment.

Your budget, business needs and future plans are all determining factors to consider. That’s why Carter Machinery has a variety of options for companies to choose from when looking for used equipment.

Dig Up The Proper Landscape Equipment

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The landscaping industry is taking up a growing segment of the construction market.

Companies, both big and small, can tackle a wide variety of projects if they have the proper equipment.

How to determine what size generator you need

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Choosing the right size industrial generator for your worksite is not only important for making sure there is enough energy, but to also help keep machines and employees safe. Using the wrong size generator can lead to power surges, damaged equipment and even start a fire.

That’s why you should always consult a certified electrician or a Carter Machinery power equipment rental specialist. For our specialist to help you select the generator that is best for your upcoming project or event, you will need to know the following information about your energy needs: 

Should you rebuild, repair, or replace your heavy equipment?

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New equipment is great, but can be very costly. Used equipment can save you money, but maintenance records and remaining lifespan are often unknown. That is why we regularly recommend having your machinery rebuilt.

The mechanics at Carter are able to rebuild your machine so it runs like new, but for a much lower cost. By closely examining each part of your equipment, our maintenance staff can properly upgrade software and engineering to make it run more efficiently. This process will extend the lifespan of your equipment and in most cases, will have it running better than the original machine that was bought.

Industrial Generator Safety Tips

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Industrial generators are a necessary component for many major construction projects. As with any other piece of construction equipment, it is crucial to follow all safety precautions to avoid injuries and incidents.  

Here are some key safety tips to follow while using an industrial generator at your construction site.

What’s the difference between an excavator and a backhoe?

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Backhoes and excavators are two common pieces of construction equipment, but people often confuse the names of each of these two machines. With the size and design of each being very different, it is important to know the proper name of the equipment you are looking to rent so you have the right machine for your project.

Here are some highlights of what each of these machines can help you accomplish.

What is the Value of your Used Construction Equipment Trade-in?

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Trade-in evaluation is always a difficult proposition for both the dealer and the end user. Owners and end users have a certain attachment to their equipment and invariably expect more than a dealer can allow in actual cash value.  While on the dealer side, they can only offer what the open market will pay which essentially translates to the true value of the machine. So how does a dealer estimate the true value and what can you expect as you go through a trade-in process? Read on below for a full analysis on how Carter Machinery’s used equipment managers evaluate a trade-in. 

Step 1: The Trade-in Evaluation Process:

This begins with reviewing pictures of the unit and the inspection which covers key details such as the model, the serial number, the amount of hours the unit’s been used, what the unit is equipped with and the location of the unit. Next we review the average auction value for the unit based on the year model, the hours logged and the equipped features over the next 90 days.