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Model     PSI
185 CFM Compressor 100 psi
375 CFM Compressor 150 psi
750 CFM Compressor 150 psi
1600 CFM Compressor

150 psi

900 CFM Compressor 150 psi
60 lb Breaker  
90 lb Breaker  

Whether you’re breaking through concrete or asphalt, consider air compressors and breakers for rent first, instead of purchasing this equipment. By trying these tools first, you can avoid a sizeable investment up front and the uncertainty of not knowing whether this is the right equipment for the job and for your employees.

There are many breakers available, depending on what type of work you’re performing and the materials you’re breaking, including pavement or concrete breaking options in 30, 60, or 90-pound classes, as well as other options. Air compressor options are equally varied with towable models or smaller portable compressors. The many configurations  of air compressors and breakers for rent can be a good match for any demolition job, regardless of the job’s size or materials.

All your rented construction equipment needs can be met by Carter Machinery. We have a large inventory of equipment available for rent, from air compressors and breakers to lifts.

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