Product Support

Uptime is critical no matter what type of equipment you operate. Carter Machinery understands this and has unparalleled service capabilities. We can tailor preventive maintenance plans around your schedule and respond quickly if you have an issue.

Product Specific Services

Equipment Repair & Service

From regular maintenance to specialty services such as undercarriage rebuilds, we can support your entire fleet, no matter what brand of machinery you use.

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Marine Engines

The marine environment is one of the harshest out there. Let us help keep your marine engines and gear in top working order.

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Power Generation Systems

Don’t be left in the dark when the power goes out. Proper maintenance and testing is the key to making sure your generator and related systems are in top condition when you need them.

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General Services

Bulk Lubricants Program

If your operation uses a large volume of lubricants, our bulk program may be right for you. Whether you have your own tanks and equipment or need to start from scratch, we can design a plan to fit your needs.

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Fluid Analysis

Fluid analysis is the most reliable way to see what’s going on inside your engines and machines. Our lab has the trained staff and technology that can detect potential problems before they become major failures.

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From earthmoving machines to industrial equipment, hydraulic systems are everywhere. Fortunately, if it uses hydraulic oil, we can service it: cylinder, pumps, motors and valves.

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Machining & Welding

Our craftsmen have the skills and tools to repair worn-out or damaged parts. They can even reengineer or custom fabricate parts to meet your needs.

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A new paint job not only increases the value of your investment, it also protects it. Our modern, environmentally friendly paint booths can handle nearly any job, big or small.

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Fuel Polishing

Is trouble brewing in your diesel tank?  Today’s fuel injection systems and electronic unit injectors operate at very high pressures and tight tolerances. Water and contaminants present in your fuel can destroy these critical components in no time. Fuel polishing may be the solution.

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Fuel Testing Packages

All our testing packages come complete with instructions, sampling bottle and pre-paid shipping container.

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