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Fuel Testing Support

All our testing packages come complete with instructions, sampling bottle and pre-paid shipping container. They can be purchased at your local parts counter by referencing the part numbers below. Not local? No problem. We can ship your kits to you. Ask your parts counter representative for more details.

Emergency ($150 Per Sample)

Designed for speed, our Emergency testing service is the fastest way to get the critical analysis you need. Our knowledgeable team will deliver your results one business day after receiving your samples.

Whether you are preparing for a last-minute inspection or have a downed machine,  we have you covered.

Basic ($105 Per Sample)

The Basic service provides an economical health assessment of your fuel tank. Quick, easy and accurate, the Basic service will let you know what’s in your tank, and if there is any cause for concern.
If you are curious about fuel maintenance, or simply want to ensure your tanks are safe, the Basic service is right for you.

Advanced ($175 Per Sample)

Our Advanced service is all about performance. More than just the critical information you need to keep your tanks functioning properly, the Advanced service will explain the environmental characteristics of your fuel, and help you understand how to get the most from it.
A thorough analysis and interpretation of your fuel, the Advanced service will help you take your fuel maintenance program to the next level.

Comprehensive ($250 Per Sample)

As the name suggests, the Comprehensive service is a complete, detailed analysis of your fuel. From health to performance to contamination, the Comprehensive service covers it all with clear, meticulous documentation.
Whether you need comprehensive fuel reports for auditing purposes or simply want to make sure you have the most complete understanding of your tanks, the Comprehensive service should be your choice.

Need some help with the terminology? Visit our reference page.

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