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What Type of Aerial Lift Should I Rent?

Whether you are a contractor, utility, warehouse, or landscaping company, Carter Machinery offers a full range of rentable aerial lifts to suit your needs. Choose from Push-Around Man Lifts to fully automated lifts that are highly maneuverable and extend to heights up to 85 feet.

Here at Carter Machinery, we offer the full range of lifts for any job, and our products are always in stock. That’s our promise.

Before Renting Your Lift

Here are some key factors to keep in mind when you begin shopping for rentals:

  • Terrain – What type of ground will you be working on? Lifts come in a range of designs to suit specific surfaces. Select from rough terrain models that work on dirt, rocks, and other traction hazards, or smooth terrain models that work on floors such as concrete.
  • Power Source – Be aware of your energy source. We offer a full range of lifts that work off of electric, gasoline, diesel, and propane power sources.
  • Heights – Models can adjust to 10 feet and up to 85+ feet. And with many models in between, you can select the right height for your needs without overpaying.
  • Space – Have a thorough understanding of your space to ensure your lift fits correctly. From expansive workspaces to areas requiring tight maneuvering through doorways or hallways, we offer the right machines to help you get the job done.
  • Transportation and Proximity – Do you have one Jobsite or multiple?  How close or far away is each? It is important to know which lifts can travel freely to locations and which require towing, so you can organize accordingly.

A Guide to Lift Types

We offer a full range of aerial and material lifts with technology ranging from simple to advanced.

Push-Around Man Lifts

Also known as man lifts, these lifts move upward and downward and can reach a height of 30 feet. They are typically the size for a single person and are lightweight and compact enough to use in tight spaces. These lifts store away easily when not in use. The mechanism runs off electric power and is ideal for use on smooth terrain. Carter Machinery carries Genie push-around man lifts for immediate rental.  

Scissor Lifts

These lifts are similar to Push-Around Man Lifts but with some key differences. They can reach up to 10 feet higher, for a total height of 40+ feet.  You also get greater lifting capacity, allowing up to two people on the lift. And scissor lift also gives you flexibility in working in a 360-degree radius, while the Push-Around Man lifts typically only allow you to work facing one direction.

Scissor Lifts are available in designs that suit both rough and smooth terrain and are towable, making them easy to transport off-site. Like Push-Around Man Lifts, this equipment works off electricity, but also comes in a Dual Fuel option with both gasoline and propane tanks.

Carter Machinery carries various capacities of SkyJack and Genie Scissor Lifts.

Boom Lifts

We offer two types of boom lifts: articulating and straight. Articulating boom lifts raise 36 to 50 feet high and can extend as far out as 25 feet. Straight boom lifts (also called cherry pickers) work at a vertical height up to 80 feet tall.

Boom lifts give you superior height adjustment while still being able to maneuverable in tight areas. They also work on both rough and smooth terrain. These booms are ideal for forestry, utility, and any job in tall structures. Each design contains a built-in basket to house your employees safely at these greater heights while giving them full control capability.

With their height also comes greater accommodation of your equipment. It features a built-in power source to powering any required tools, increasing productivity and eliminating the need to rent another power source.

Like Scissor Lifts, our Boom Lifts are also towable for work in other locations. Carter Machinery carries various heights and weight capacities of JLG, Skyjack, and Genie boom/articulating Lifts.

Material / Duct Lifts

These lifts are an excellent alternative for jobs that are too large to work manually and too small for a traditional forklift. This is a typical design for the HVAC industry (hence the name). It also works for transporting household appliances and filing cabinets.

It is designed to work in tight spaces and smooth terrain, making it ideal for use in businesses and homes.


At Carter Machinery, we rent aerial and material lifts backed with our FIRST CALL PROMISE. We own the largest and best-maintained rental inventory in the Mid-Atlantic United States, so you get the equipment you need from one source when you need it. This includes the states of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Washington D.C., and Parts of West Virginia.

Each rental is backed with reliable service support from more than 1,000 technicians to keep your equipment functioning as it should.

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